Supercharge Microsoft 365
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Optimise your investment in Microsoft 365 with improved support for business processes and information governance

Teams that use Microsoft 365 with M-Files elevate their productivity to new heights. With M-Files you can add intuitive workflows, advanced permissions, and document control to MS Teams, SharePoint and other business tools to do even more – without leaving your Microsoft 365 application!

M-Files Scrive eSign solution

Get your documents signed through Scrive without leaving the M-Files tool. Automatic stores the sign file in M-Files when all parties have signed through the Scrive portal. Contact us today for a demo of the set up

New M-Files Web

M-files position in Gartner Magic Quadrant

In the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platform, M-Files was positioned as a Visionary.

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Works on all your

Ready to go mobile

Working from home, customer site, or on the road in a hotel, train or airplane? No worries. Access your information with the web or mobile client. All content connected to M-Files can be accessed with a mobile device — no matter which system or even network folders it’s in. The native app keeps your work smooth and efficient.

Whatever you put together, all element are ready to go mobile. We've done the work for you.

Work offline if needed

Switch to Offline mode anytime to work with your documents while outside a network connection. Once you connect back, your information will automatically sync back to M-Files.

10 Benefits with M-Files

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Here's what M-Files can do.

M-Files solution can help all types of businesses and public sector to implement an efficient solution for handling of documents, information and related processes. Our solutions fit small and large businesses, is industry-adapted, supports the necessary standards and regulations, and are easy to implement and deploy.
M-Files Document Management

Structure your data and processes in a Metadata driven solution, keeping track of your versions.

M-Files CRM

A simplified customer relations management solutions helping you keep track of your contacts, campaigns, leads and follow-ups.

M-Files Contract Management

Keep control of all your contract templates, contracts and renewals. Work more efficient and maintain full control.

M-Files Project Management

Follow your project targets and Sub projects with resources and activities. Enables you to see projects in Gantt Views.

M-Files Quality Management

Are you in an industry with clear regulatory requirements and compliance needs. The M-Files solution helps you simplify the complexity.

M-Files GDPR Management

The GDPR requirement needs to set into action in your company, this solution can help sort and keep track of your sensitive and GDPR related data.

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