Scrive for M-Files

With the seamless integration of Scrive into M-Files, users can launch and manage eSigning processes without leaving the M-Files interface - wherever they are, on any device. Users can also securely authenticate the identity of signing parties with Scrive’s digital identity services, which provide global coverage.
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Electronic signature & ID

Key Features

Get ready to sign documents with eSignature without leaving M-Files vault. Just track the document history to se the state of your document. When signed by all parties - final version is returned and stored in your M-Files vault.

Easy to implement in new and existing vaults
Setup by your local M-Files partner with help from NettPost
No M-Files Account required for eSigning
Signing parties do not need any Scrive license either
Full track on the process from M-Files
Compose reminders and e-mail content in M-Files
What's in it for us?

Some business benefits

The M-Files for Scrive integration provided by NettPost helps businesses legally secure eSigning of contracts and agreements in Covid-19 challenging environment, where people need to work in home environment without the facilities in the Office.

Full control of the steps and signees status during the eSigning process.

Secure deals more effectively and quickly which reduces time spent to secure revenue and deliver value for the customer.

Improve their customer experience, as well as bolster reputation and competitiveness.

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