Scrive for M-Files

NettPost M-Files Add-on

Functional overview

Documents that are managed in M-Files can be sent for electronic signing using the Scrive cloud solution. Simply, compose the document in M-Files and move it to "Send for Signing" state in workflow. The workflow state triggers M-Files to automatically upload the document to Scrive. From there, the Scrive send it out to be signed by the defined parties. Scrive automatically sends the document to the signer. Once sent, the signer(s) then receive an email prompting them to review and/or sign the document. Once signers have signed the document, M- Files downloads the signed document from Scrive to the M-Files vault and stores it there for historical value.

Key Features:

  • Easy to implement in new and existing vaults
  • Documents can be sent on behalf of the user's Scrive account
  • Documents can be signed by M-Files users and by non-M-Files users
  • Senders receive email up dates of signing progress from Scrive, where sender can define message in M-Files
  • Document eSigning verification is located in the end of document eSigned through Scrive.
  • Scrive verify the identity of signers using eID and document is protected against tampering and alteration with the digital signature.

Use case examples

Just simplifies the whole signing process from A to Z

The M-Files for Scrive integration delivered by NettPost remarkably speeds up collection of signatures for agreements pertaining to new clients, suppliers, vendors, and employees. Such agreements can include items like new customer agreements, NDAs, SOWs, and employment contracts. M-Files utilized the template and workflow setup to merge data in the agreements and helps on review and preparation for the sign ready file.  

Business Benefits

The Scrive for M-Files Add-on provided by NettPost helps businesses:

  • Legally secure eSigning of contracts and agreements in Covid-19 challenging environment where people need to work in home environment without the facilities in the Office.
  • Full control of the steps and signees status during the eSigning process.
  • Secure deals more effectively and quickly which reduces time spent to secure revenue and deliver value for the customer.
  • Improve their customer experience, as well as bolster reputation and competitiveness.
  • Ensure that no deal is delayed because staff doesn't have the proper tools to draft and send new agreements efficiently.
  • Enable their workforce to draft and establish new agreements no matter where they are.
  • Assist efforts to manage projects on time, within scope, and on budget in environments where subcontractor and external party agreements are critical to project completion.


Can be installed by NettPost or your own M-Files partner with support by NettPost

Please refer to the installation and configuration guide on request

Technical notes and requirements

  • M-Files Server version: M-Files 20.5 Update or later
  • User license for Scrive eSign Online

“By combining M-Files and Scrive we are automating the entire process while providing full audit trail and compliance with any procedure and standard”

Arve L. Nielsen, Founder and CEO, NettPost

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to have an offer for the Scrive for M-Files add-on or a demo of the solution.

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